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— Bio
Rene Pardo is an inventor, creator and entrepreneur. A visionary driven by innovating world firsts to impact and help people, his entire life he has been supporting advanced R&D and building tech companies around exceptional, bright people.
He is most recognised for co-inventing and developing the world's first electronic spreadsheet (1969), as well as Forward Referencing, the cornerstone functionality of modern spreadsheets and reactive programming.
The spreadsheet was licensed to and used by the budgeting department of AT&T and every telephone company in North America throughout the early 1970’s, including Bell Canada, as well as by General Motors in Warren, Michigan.
A pioneer in Human-Computer interactions and interfaces, he is also recognized for his advancements and major contributions to education and multimedia. 
Norman McLaren (National Film Board in Montreal, Quebec) and Ken Knowlton (Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey) became Pardo's role models. Inspired by the environment of the NFB and Bell Labs which offered complete creative freedom to outstanding individuals, Rene continues to strive to replicate in business settings the same environments fostering creativity and innovation.
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— Past
History of the world's first spreadsheet (co-invented in 1969).
LanPar Technologies
— Present
He presently is managing and supporting transformational R&D to eliminate electrical arcs causing electrical fires, with the goal of saving thousands of lives and billions of dollars in property damage (and the associated emotional distress).

Brainwave Corporation
— Future
His next challenges will be innovations to reduce poverty and unemployment worldwide, innovations in medical fields and for improving the lives of seniors and ageing.
The Journey
Born in Switzerland to parents who were residents of Egypt, with ancestry from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ukraine. Came to Canada at the age of 4.
Photograph of Rene as a child.
  • Westmount High School 1964
  • McGill University BSc 1968
  • Harvard University M.Ed. 1969
  • Alumni - Phi Delta Kappa (Society for Outstanding Achievement in Education)
Jobs, Innovations & Entrepreneurship

Summer - McGill University Computer CenterRene began keypunching punched cards. He co-founded Cycom, McGill’s first computer club.
Summer - IBM Test Center
National Film BoardFirst International Computer Art Exhibit
Rene and Remy Landau co-organized the world’s first international computer art exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

First online conference registration system
Developed world’s first online conference registration system for the International Film Festival during Expo 67

First artistic computer-assisted animation
“Birdlings” - co-created with Norman McLaren (Grandfather of Animation)

First educational multimedia game (and online, “multiplayer”)
Initiated at the NFB and continued at Harvard, Rene co-invented with Remy Landau the first educational multimedia game (online, “multi-player”) transforming how computers could be used in education.
Harvard University M.EdMasters of Education - Online educational multiplayer multimedia game

Advised Children's Television Workshop consultant to model Sesame Street around fast paced television commercials and the TV show "Laugh In" and incorporate the educational value of how every viewer processes the same visual inputs differently. (ref: Gladwell's book Tipping Point).

First National Consumer Interactive Daily TV show - “King City

Their online multi-media game triggered Rene Pardo & Remy Landau to invent and produce a pilot for a nightly national city-against-city television show (“King City”). It was approved by John Cleary, television producer of College Bowl with sponsorship by GE. It was vetoed by AT&T as 40,000 residents in a city picking up their telephones at same time would knock down the analog telephone network.
Co-inventor, developer World’s First Electronic Spreadsheet “LanPar” and Forward referencing
Wikipedia reference to spreadsheet
History of Information
Lanpar Ltd.
Licensing & Implementing the Electronic Spreadsheet on online GE & Honeywell time sharing computers
Founder, CEO Lanpar Technologies
Distribution, R&D & manufacturing - computer terminals. From 1976-1982, Pardo grew revenues to $22m, followed by an IPO $13m
First Financier - Genesis Microchip
Co-founder Digital Imaging, Aztech New Media, Comcentral
First CDRom Digital Image Library (Genesis of Corel’s PhotoSuite)  and Online Communities
Co-founder, Mega-C Power
World’s most advanced hybrid capacitor-battery energy storage technology.
Co-founder KMX Corp
Pardo helped launch a joint venture company for the purification of chemical solvents using an advanced membrane technology. Rather than having to dispose of spent chemicals, companies could purify these to 99.5% purity to be re-used.
Mobile Cube: mobile solar & wind powered water purification
Pardo focused on providing clean drinking water and electricity for emerging nations with portable solar-wind powered technology. Thousands of units have been sold of variants of this technology.

He also helped raise financing & delivery of $2 million (retail value) of medicines following the 2005 earthquake in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan and helped install & donated a solar/wind powered Mobile Cube to the Abbas Medical Clinic at the refugee camp.
Real Light Corp
World’s 1st area lighting LED technology: Released LED bulbs & fluorescent tube replacement at LightFair 2007
Present, ongoing: CEO, Co-founder Brainwave Research Corporation
Transformational technology innovations in the electrical & construction industry, energy management & control, and IoT markets.Over 500 patent claims, across 35 categories of inventions. Technologies to be licensed to large organisations established in manufacturing & distribution.
Partner, Genesis Arc Inc. - Catbotica NFTsCatbotica.com
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